Happy Sunday everyone, Now i will tell u about our trip in last week. I went to Karimun Jawa Island with my friend his name is Yongky. We have planned to travelling when it was 3 months latter. We go by bus started from Surabaya at Bungurasih bus station. We take packet tour from Dharmawangsa Tour. Bus from Surabaya to Jepara there are only a few departures,the right time to depart from Surabaya is 9 pm. Journey from Surabaya to the Jepara takes approximately 8 hours. Arrived in Jepara bus station, we are looking for a Pedicab to take us go to R.A Kartini port, but we have arrived early so we can’t find a transportation to take go to the port. Someone have talk to us he suggest us to walk go to port.

Arriving in the port we have spend time for sleeping and charging phone. Don’t worry in the port there are many canteen if you hungry hhehe. The ship departs at 7 pm, make sure before you go to here to ensure the ship’s departure schedule. There are 2 option from R.A. Kartini port you can go by fast boat express bahari or KMP Siginjay.

R.A. Kartini Port

5 hours from here. We must so pattient to find a piece of heaven the Caribbean hahaha.



Karimun Jawa Island

And this is it we waiting for yea Crimon Java or Karimun Java  is an archipelago of 27 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia, approximately 80 kilometres northwest of Jepara. The islands’ name means ‘a stone’s throw from Java’ in Javanese. They have a total land area of 78 km2 (Wikipedia). We were picked up by a native tour guide who live here. At the hostel we changed cloth and then we go to buy a lunch cause we can’t starve anymore hahaha.

On the first day we toured sea with a group from Korea,Thailand,and Indonesia. Our activities are snorkeling, eating grilled fish and play on the beach.

Morning view from Bukit Love
Menjangan Kecil Island
Ujung Gelam Beach


Menjangan Kecil Island

Last Day




Sunset at Bukit JOKO TUWO

Tips Karimun Jawa :

  1. You have ensured that condition of weather
  2. Always check ship departures
  3. Indonesian don’t forget bring sun block hahaha
  4. Don’t leave anything except foot print
  5. Keep area clean
  6. Don’t leave footwear
  7. Important to use life vest
  8. Don’t destroying the reefs
  9. Obey the discipline

Thanks to :

  1. Allah SWT
  2. Dharmawangsa Tour
  3. Kompak Tour
  4. My Friend Yongky
  5. And each other who have support and give us permission for the holidays
  6. And my lovely blog friends or who have read my blogs :p
See you on next trip 😀



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