About Me

Alwi Assegaff, is a College Students at Stikom Surabaya Majoring in Information System. Born in Kediri, grew up in environment that is so close with bus station and traditional market, Makes him have a hard personality. But he was contribute, voluntering in many activities, such as a human environment,music,or charity. It’s make his sociality impact was grew up.  He was learned music for make a band. Depraved Murder genre brutal death metal, but he don’t have a great skill for advanced the genre,so he try to change position, focused on manage team, and then he meet with his friends he make other genre it’s Hardcore. He was out from depraved murder and focussed with his new band,Enclosure Hardcore named. He can’t focus because he have many freelance job like make party,tim event,or etc all about music event make him so busy. he had been volunteer in Earth Hour Kediri he was selected to be a Coord.Creative Campaign in 2014. When he was graduated from Vocational High School he moved to Surabaya. he try a new chances,competitions. Now he is active in many Leadership and Achievement. but he never forget with all his friends in Kediri he was so glad and gretefull with them. In Surabaya he had been a chief committee for many events.


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